Weixing concealed pipes guidance outside the home improvement project all cracked

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Autumn arrival Home improvement The wind grew hot. As the search for the decoration team for the overall design steps to implement pre-decoration, decoration for many families when entering. Water reform, grand as the decoration of many families, "the first battle." Strategically speaking, the "first battle" can not only make a good head; but from a practical sense, the water change will also directly determine the success or failure of renovation Project Even after the level of quality of life, the foundation should not be overlooked. However, that is such an important hidden project, as it involves more professional in the field, so many friends daunting installed. To this end, Xiao Bian Wei Star Pipe invited the officers concerned for the weak water reform process and an important part of professional advice, access to water to change the deep-rooted thumped!

Weixing management industry as well-known pipe manufacturer, described as "combat experience" rich. Friends of the general installation of water reform questions, Weixing management industry official said: "Hydropower Plants are the basis of the decoration works, and now more and more weight. However, a more professional, with the general knowledge of installation of Friends little, this is normal. Therefore, Weixing has been our experience hope to share with you. With our ten years experience, I believe that our opinions not only a reference, will also be very practical nature. and this year, Weixing proposed health, reliable and joy new brand concept, and promote the joy of concept of the family warm, we hope our products help consumers successfully complete water change, to improve future quality of life, but also to our new image and values to convey to our consumers. We believe that the water has changed is the first battle decoration, status is very important. Therefore, we are proud to provide guidance outside, to well water change off, so do not stay hidden hidden works. "

First, the readiness to mobilize to the full

Though, the water changed relatively short construction period, a couple of days. However, must not underestimate the enemy, before the war, ready to fully complete.

original "terrain" to be familiar with: a clear understanding of new houses to the original water, so the quality and progress of the project is very important to guarantee;

work together to take part: as far as possible with the participation of water called the family staff designed to simulate everyday life path, and leading position in the wall paint, a few days, repeat the verification, and finally to establish a perfect " Combat "option.

Second weapons to science Early use of water must have more in-depth understanding of materials and investigations. To the overall construction quality, comprehensive consideration of the product should cost, at the same time have some differential Pipe Method.

Material selection: Green is the mainstream

Building materials market is now a "green", PP-R is currently the most widely used green pipe. PP-R pipes for hot and cold water pipes are, the main advantage of the environmental performance is outstanding, even as clean drinking water pipeline. It is non-toxic tasteless, heat pressure, corrosion resistance, small resistance, good insulation properties. In addition, PP-R pipe interface uses hot-melt technology, which greatly improved the reliability of its connection, to solve the material easy to aging, leaking, and the drawbacks of scaling, so as the preferred material;

Aluminum Composite Pipe Health and performance of high pressure, but not hot melt connection, but can only use compression-type metal connector connection. This will not only increase costs and reduce the connection reliability and service life, be carefully chosen;

Copper water pipes is also receiving much attention, but the cost of higher cost performance was not up to the current dominant position of Friends of the ordinary installed is not recommended.

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Weixing concealed pipes guidance outside the home improvement project all cracked

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This article was published on 2011/04/29