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Removing bacteria and toxic contaminants from impure water, Water Purification can help improve water 's quality to make it safe for consuming and using. It is the process of extracting and removing impure particles and inorganic components from raw water for the specific purpose.


Most often water is purified for human consumption, that is, drinking water. But water purification is also used to a form of water to be useful in scientific laboratories, pharmacy, chemical and industrial applications, medical, biological, etc, to serve their purpose.


Water purification is a step by step process. The general methods used for purification include physical processes like filtration and sedimentation, biological processes like slow sand filters or activated sludge, chemical processes such as flocculation and chlorination and finally the use of electromagnetic radiation such as the ultra-violet light. The last of these processes are frequently used by governments. Fluoridation of the water has been suggested to be dangerous for humans.


Purification of water reduces the concentration of unwanted particles including bacteria, fungus, parasites, metals, algae, viruses, etc. as well as various dissolved particles which are extracted from the surface water comes in contact with after it falls as rain. Water purification is done through water filters for the purpose of human consumption like drinking water, cooking, etc. Water purification is also done by water filtration systems.


Sources of water are groundwater, emerging from deep under the ground which may have fallen as rain, ages ago. Upland lakes and reservoirs, low land reservoirs, rivers, canals are also some of the sources. A new technology called atmospheric water generation is a process by which water is purified by extracting it from moisture in air and condensing it its liquid form.


Reverse osmosis is another water purification process, but it is not safe for humans, because it does not remove all bacteria, viruses and chemicals from the water.


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Water Purification

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This article was published on 2010/03/22