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For a hundred years, the car as we all know it has been using oil derivates to function. Gasoline and diesel each have significant power levels when ignited, they have been relatively simple to obtain and for a very long time their costs have been low sufficient to be widely available.

However, they have one massive drawback: the gases that result after their ignition are very pollutant and contribute to the global warming symptoms. For several years now, scientists have been looking for alternate options to oil and oil derivates for greener, gas-efficient cars. You could possibly someday use water to gasoline you automotive for completely un-pollutant and environmental pleasant vehicle. Is that this just a Sci-Fi movie script?

Assume once more, as future prophecies may be closer than you think. In response to finding an alternate gasoline to fuel, engineers have discovered several viable alternatives, resembling solar powered automobiles, hydrogen powered autos, hybrid vehicles and bio fuel cars. Each of them has their very own Professional’s and Con’s, in the subsequent paragraphs, you’ll read some details about every of the above alternative fuels.

The expertise to create solar powered automobile has been round for several years, however it is recently that this know-how has turn out to be mainstream sufficient to be used in mass production. Nevertheless, none of the giant, necessary automobile manufacturers has constructed a solar powered collection car. Solar powered vehicles have some disadvantages nevertheless, as a number of the challenges facing photo voltaic powered vehicles are pace and horsepower. These automobiles aren’t very fast and cannot run for a lot of time on solar power alone.

Steam powered engines have began the industrial revolution and they work by utilizing steam pressure that has to be built up with a view to run. Steam powered automobiles would nowadays be heavy and harmful, as steam under such an excessive quantity of pressure is very dangerous. The most recent trend in automotive manufacturing is creating hybrid cars.

Increasingly automotive manufacturers sell or plan to promote hybrid vehicles in the close to future and in some international locations the word hybrid has grow to be just like environmental friendliness. So what’s a hybrid vehicle?

Nicely, a hybrid car is a mixture of a normal inside combustion engine, with power equipped by gasoline or diesel, and a battery powered electric motor that must be charged. When working solely in batteries, these vehicles can run for a number of dozen miles without burning any oil at all.

In fact, this may be achieved provided that the automobile moves at slow speeds, as is the pace will increase, the automotive will begin its inside combustion engine to deliver the mandatory ranges of power. While it has some visible benefits, this know-how is new and relatively expensive.

Increasingly more governments on the planet deal with creating the Bio-gasoline know-how and encourage automotive producers and users to purchase automobiles powered by way of bio-fuel. Bio-gas is often corn or soybeans based mostly, vegetation that may be grown virtually wherever, making it a renewable vitality supply, however they have some disadvantages: these crops take up the farmland once used to develop crops for meals consumption, so there shall be an in-steadiness created.

Hydrogen Powered Cars have been seen by many as tomorrow’s automobile technology, as they’re extraordinarily environmentally pleasant, since hydrogen is a renewable resource, but hydrogen is extraordinarily unstable (see the Hindenburg disaster) and there has not, till recently, been a way to use it safely in mass quantities.

However, again in 1990, scientists re-found water, so to say. Water is made out of hydrogen and oxygen and the hydrogen in the water can be extracted to fuel the car. The main focus of all car manufacturing firms is to develop cheap and environment friendly strategies of using water as automotive fuel, so count on your future automobile to run with plain water within the subsequent 5 or 10 years.

water powered car

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Water Powered Car

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This article was published on 2010/11/28