Water Of Grace

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Wter Of Grace

Water of grace is constantly falling over our head with out any break.

It is coming from an infinite distance to help us move through this world.

It is also the water of faith instilling courage and confidence in us.

It is sometimes giving astounding success to us.


Through the secret lead it is entering to the brain and all other body parts.

It is cleansing,purifying and healing all the internal organs and making their functions normal.

We are feeling energized and with more vigor and endurance we are working.

Internally we are becoming strong by the healing power of the water of grace.


The water of grace is also flowing externally and cleaning all our outer body parts.

It is cleaning our head,face,eyes,hands and all other organs.

Our vision is becoming clear,understanding and perceptions are becomimg very strong.

We are marching forward always feeling young.


This is a friendly universe and with it's water of grace it is helping us a lot.

We are constantly drinking the water of grace.

Thought by thought,word by word and knowledge by knowledge we are constantly consuming the water of grace.

The source of water of grace is a perennial source and will never dry.


Water of grace always wants us to accuire Divine powers

It wants us to be successful men and women.

We should never feel perturbed and march forward with courage.

Water of grace is making us sincere,responsible,young and dynamic.


The flow of water of grace is invisible,but we can realize it.

We should develop the powers to feel the flow of the water of grace inside our brain.

Then we can work more vibrantly so as to have both spiritual and material gain.

We should always feel the presence of the water of grace and erase all anxieties and stress.


By drinking the water of grace we should be happier individuals.

We should be ecstatic and feel the presence of the  Divine.

There should be no distarctions within us in any form.

We should work to achieve our goals with whole hearted concentration.


By this water of grace all the individuals thrive and so also their organization.

Water of grace sprinkles love,peace,serenity and hope among all.

Forgetting the differences all become united.

The organization becomes strong so also the employees' families,society,country and the globe.


The water of grace in stream form dance the dance of ecstacy.

It's coolness makes us vibrant and dynamic to work with all sincerity.

The sound of flow is heard in the farthest corner of our heart.

We merge in absolute silence amidst intense chaos,conflicts and heavy loads of work.


The language of the water of grace is very clear in the silent silent slumber.

In the silence of the night sitting beneath the sky with full moon and the stars we should feel the flow.

We should drink  the water to full extent.

Then only we can know it's strength.


To realize the water of grace in ourselves we should have a vibrant and dynamic mind.

Never ceasing to be active and always remaining vigilant we can feel that the water of grace is in abundance.

With all sincerity and dedication we should work.

Bathing in the water of grace we should forget any lack and get prepared for the days ahead.


The source of water of grace is perennial,ever peaceful and blissful.

It protects the entire globe from any  trouble.

Saluting the source we should rest in deep silence.

Marching forward and achieving our goals we should crown ourselves with sweet rewards.






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Water Of Grace

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This article was published on 2011/05/01