Water Effluent - Effluent water treatment

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In India the most common problem is water. As we know that we do not have sufficient sources of water and there are so many places in India where need of water is important but due to some problems it is not possible to bring water from one city to other city. So there is a need to save water and try to make optimum use of available water sources. In this matter Effluent Treatment Plant plays very important role and for every country specially where there are not enough sources of water Effluent Treatment Plant becomes the powerful source of water. Here we see how Effluent Treatment Plant gives us pure water.

Water auditing services can include:

• Meter standing charges
• Water volumetric tariffs
• Waste water charges
• Trade effluent discharge rates
• High water consumption issues
• Carbon Media Services
• Ion Exchange Resin Services
• Membrane Services
• Mobile and Temporary Services
• Retrofit/Rehab Services.
• Service Contracts
• Testing Services

Acute Shortage of water which mankind faces today is due to rampant pollution and extravagant use. Treating water with care to meet the quality requirement is the need of the hour. We at Canadian Clear, remove pollutants from wastewater, recycle and recover the other valuable products for reuse, reducing waste and pollution, in short, protecting the environment.

Waste water treatment is a series of steps conducted to remove contaminants from septic systems, sewer lines, grease traps and other non-hazardous collections. For centuries, residents in urban areas who have had access to sewers, septic tanks and storm drain fields have been using these systems for disposal, causing pollution and contamination. Proper effluent disposal is very important in the prevention and protection of public health and the environment. As contamination of bodies of water becomes an increasing concern, municipalities are attempting to treat sewage, septic systems and debris before they become hazardous and threaten the health of nearby residents.

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Water Effluent - Effluent water treatment

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This article was published on 2011/09/17