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Is this a thing of the future or could it really be possible right now? You might be a little surprised to hear of this possibility but water fuel is possible right now!. The water powered hydrogen engine is a design available with a relatively large financial cost. To be able to convert an existing vehicle engine to be able to run on hydrogen gas is truly a possibility, due to an innovative device called an HHO generator.

The HHO generator converts everyday water into oxy-hdrogen gas and this generator then separates and extracts the hydrogen molecules from the water by the process of passing electricity through the water within the HHO generator. This is not a very complicated process and further within this article, you will be directed to where you can fully research this HHO technology for yourself at your own leisure. The basics of building, installing and maintaining water car power in a vehicle for yourself can be achieved by following a very easy step-by-step HHO generator manual. You do not have to be a mechanic or auto electrician, the manuals are professionally designed, some have customer support networks and they also promise you can do it yourself from the use of most hardware store available parts.

Do not be worried with the statement made that you can build a generator. You will have a much clearer understanding once you read some real facts and watch video footage of this process. There are documented patents and design documents of the HHO generator technology to see for yourself if you would like to see them. People think that water car power has not been invented or would be impossible to achieve, but these beliefs are influenced by the fact that big oil companies, car manufacturers and government officials have never promoted or endorsed this technology.


Our worldwide economies and transport costs would be dramatically affected by a major slump in oil, gas and transport prices. Just think about it for yourself, all our economies thrive on oil sales and transport costs. From everyday commuter travel to the food delivery industry (these all need gas/fuel to complete the economic trade of countries).

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If you would like to know more about water car power for yourself, you can visit information pages for yourself and read much more detailed information about the how and the why about hho technology. Also if you would like to invest into having your own hho generator fitted to your vehicle, I have reviewed the top 5 hho water car power generator guides available on the market in my review page below.

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Water Car Power

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This article was published on 2010/03/30