Water Birth - an amazing experience

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Every time we hear someone say the word baby or babies the first thought that flashes in our mind is the cutest smile, soft tender hands and feet and the most amazing feeling of love. Ask any women about the feeling attached with being a mother she would tender a list of words to describe that feeling but would never be able to explain that feeling attached with that word. But there would be many who would also provide for long list of issues associated with the pain of delivering a child.

There are various techniques of giving birth to a child with the latest being water birth technique. Despite being an old mechanism it has gained popularity with the modern day generation as it offers a chance for the mothers-to-be to be able to give birth to their child in a relaxed and unperturbed manner.

Water birth is a procedure where the mother being submerged in a water tube gives birth to the child. Various studies have proved that there are scientific benefits attached to giving birth to a child in water. Water helps in relaxing the pelvic floor muscles which feel stressed because of the continuous push to let out the baby. Add to that the opposition given to the gravitational forces because of being submerged in water as it supports the mother weight further helping her to save some energy.

Looking at it from baby’s point of view, the infant feels safe with moving from one watery zone to another. This is where one need to be cautious, as soon as the baby is out the infant should be pulled out of water within seconds. Giving birth to a child through water birth has added advantage as the baby gets the body to body cuddle on coming to the real outside world.

Before embarking on the decision of water birthing doctors’ advice is a necessary step. It is only a gynecologist who would be in a position to inform if water birth would be safe for the baby or not.

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Water Birth - an amazing experience

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This article was published on 2011/06/16