Various Types of Faucets

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Water is life. Water is precious. All living things depend on water for survival. Humans are no different. We need water to do various chores which have become essential parts of our lives. No wonder then every home has water outlets. It is a privilege to have access to water any time; day in and day out.


But how is this possible? Faucets of course!

A faucet is a mechanical device which helps control the release of water. It typically accomplishes this task with the help of valve. Faucets are used in many sections of the house; kitchen and bathroom being some of the examples.

Bathroom Faucets come in an array of designs, styles and material. They are also called spigots or taps. A faucet is generally categorized by its handle configuration and finish.

Mentioned below are some of the handle configurations.

1. Single-handle spigots.

2. Two handle spigots.

3. Two handle center set taps.

4. Two handle widespread taps.

5. Bridge spigots.

6. Wall mounted taps.

And here are some of the popular finishes for Faucets:

1. Chrome – Chromium is applied to various metals such as brass, iron and aluminum casting using electro-plating method. It is one of the most popular finishes. Chrome finished spigots are versatile, affordable, trendy and long lasting.

2. Oil rubbed bronze finish comes in many shades. Charcoal black, white and cream are some of the finishes that are available in this category. These are typically available in matt finish.

3. Naked brass or brass finished spigots require frequent polishing to keep it shiny. However, they are epoxy coated these days to prevent tarnishing of surface.

Shower Enclosures are cubicles which prevent water from splashing across the entire bathroom. They are a great alternative to shower curtains. Quadrant shower cubicles, bi-fold doors, sliding doors and hinged doors are some of the enclosure and door options. These are available in framed or frameless structure.

These enclosures are typically constructed from aluminum, tempered glass and water resistant panels. These are like bathrooms within a bathroom and are available in many finishes. These shower cubicles have built-in bathroom hardware, such as shower heads, electric and mixer showers that ensure a soothing and relaxing bathing experience.

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Various Types of Faucets

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Various Types of Faucets

This article was published on 2011/12/16