Using Water Wisely For A Better Tomorrow

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The term greywater sounds very uncommon but is simply the water that is generated from all the domestic activities like bathing, cleaning, laundry, dishwashing etc. With the increasing awareness towards saving water attempts are being made to recycle the waste water and use it for purposes like irrigation or as flush water. Greywater recycling is done to make it fit for use in wetlands and irrigation.

You must also have come across a term called black water. Black water is nothing but the sewage water from the toilets that has human waste. Aerated wastewater systems are designed to do greywater recycling faster and effectively.

Aerated wastewater systems are compact systems and can effectively recycle all the domestic waste water. These systems can give you completely odorless water that will look clean. There are many companies which make these systems available to the users and you can get them for your house as well. You can contribute to the eco-system by saving lot of water that you use in your kitchen garden and lawns.

The aeration tanks collect wastewater and then the diffusion of air is done in the two chambers. This air incorporates the aerobic bacterium that converts the sewage water into water and carbon dioxide. Chlorine is added to this water so that no pathogen survives in the water. Thus the water recycled through Aerated wastewater systems is safe for the purposes it is used.

Greywater recycling helps in reduction of use of fresh water for the purposes where recycled water can be used effectively. This will save water for other domestic utilities and drinking. The recycled water when used for watering and irrigation can nitrify the top soil and as a result you will see better growth of the plants. Thus it is a great way to save water for our own tomorrow.

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Using Water Wisely For A Better Tomorrow

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This article was published on 2010/11/23