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Cooker Cooker is made of electromagnetic induction heating principle of the new stoves, it is different from the gas stove, microwave, stove and other traditional stoves, work without fire, without raising the ambient temperature, do not consume oxygen, do not produce carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, no harmful microwave radiation without gas stoves are often the leak, explosion, burns, and dangerous.

Use and maintenance of: 1. Induction with the use of ferromagnetic material to produce cookware such as pots, enamel pot, stainless steel pot, and required a certain level of the bottom area; 2. When using the appliance can not let the water flow to the heater surface, it could cause a short circuit; 3. Clean cooker surface with a soft damp cloth is best, if the furnace surface stains are difficult to clean, you can just switch off the appliance using a damp cloth to clean it repeatedly.

Nutrition egg device Traditional egg method will lay eggs cooked on the line, without considering the nutritional status of eggs as well as old or young taste, and cook eggs using egg device can be provided for the different stages of the targeted children eat.

Use and maintenance of: 1. Use the egg are placed in places where the basic level, dosage cup Shing Sheung Shui, measuring cup on the figure represents the degree cooked eggs, divided into "old", "medium," "tender" three types, according to taste cooking water; 2. Add the water and put egg rack, in order to prevent the eggs burst, apply egg needle poke in the egg part of a round hole, poke holes into the egg part of facing up to egg rack, covered with a transparent cover; 3. Do not egg during the open end to prevent steam wounding, and the effect of steam leakages affect egg.

Soymilk Soymilk is the practicality of the modern kitchen, small appliances, simple and fast, can automatically within minutes of soaking beans, preheating, grinding, filtering, cooking, boiling delay, automatic alarm process, made easy cooked fresh milk, is a good helper of family life.

Use and maintenance of: 1. Cup water or low water level in vivo, the machine is self-protection or alarm condition, the electrical and heating pipes do not work, not the failure of water placed near the water line to be better; 2. Very few areas of drinking water can cause brain tofu, soy milk condensed into a similar situation, mainly due to the water contained in the ion too much, you can use cold water solution; 3. Washing, only use water, cleaning brush head lower half of adhesion of washed milk, not to head into the water or bubble washing machine with water half of the head, upper head and into the water outlet part is strictly prohibited.

Wave stove Wave stove and microwave heating on completely different principles, microwave emission from the ordinary magnetron microwave to finish, and the rapid light induced by the heat wave stove.

Use and maintenance: 1. Avoid using metal containers, placed in the furnace as iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel and other metal containers prone to spark, not only damage done furnace unfamiliar food; 2. Avoid contact with food to plastic wrap, use fresh film, the heating process is best not to let direct contact with food, can food into the large Wandi, Flat Wankou with plastic wrap or plastic wrap directly without glass or porcelain covered, so water vapor can also be sealed, so that rapid heat evenly 3. Avoid fried foods, because of high oil will spatter caused by fire, as if inadvertently caused when the furnace fire, avoid opening the door, you should turn off power supply when the fire goes out before you open the door cooling.

Dishwasher, as a new era of kitchen appliances, with a number of features: fully enclosed wash, do not rag, cut off transmission of bacteria; by heating and specific washing disinfectants can kill E. coli, grapes bacteria, hepatitis virus; wash directly after drying, to avoid water stains left scar, so that more clean tableware.
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Using Kitchen Appliances - Electric Stove, Kitchen, Small Appliances - Household Appliances

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Using Kitchen Appliances - Electric Stove, Kitchen, Small Appliances - Household Appliances

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