The Latest In High Tech Water Bottles

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If you are looking to hydrate with the latest in high tech gear, then look no further than a Camelbak Water Bottle. These stylish and sturdy containers, hold the fluids you need to hydrate while engaging in your favorite outdoor activity. They are perfect for every day use and are tough enough to stand up to even the most extreme athletes.

The Camelbak Water Bottle comes in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit the needs of a variety of users. The latest style of Podium bottle comes in a 25 oz. version and claims to keep water cold for twice as long as similar models. This is due to the double wall construction that it contains. Also included in this model is the jet valve for releasing water. This valve makes certain that the water lands in your mouth and not all over your clothes.

There are two models for children that are manufactured from stainless steel. Designed for ages three and up, one is printed with dinosaurs against a green background while the other is printed with butterflies and flowers against magenta. With dishwasher safe parts and valves that are made to operate by little hands, these bottles are perfect for the little ones when engaging in outdoor fun and sport. Another great feature is that they are safe to operate by children, while still remaining simple to clean by the adults.

There is also a wide variety of accessories available to the users of this high quality gear. There are a variety of bottle brushes available that are designed to fit perfectly in these particular bottles. In addition, there are cleaning tablets available that work in as little as five minutes. These fast acting tablets help to keep your bottle free of odor and free from the taste of the last liquid that they contained. These tablets are especially helpful if you will be putting something other than water in your bottle. They are available at a wide variety of stores that specialize in selling sporting goods. There are also filter tubes available to ensure that you are only getting the cleanest water around. The parts on the bottles are easily replaceable and the bite valves are offered in a plethora of colors to match your particular bottle. There are also many different sized reservoirs that can carry the extra water you need to make it through your outdoor adventure.

The Camelbak Water bottle offers the user the latest in clean water filtration and technology to keep you hydrated no matter what your activity. These bottles are attractive and built to last. They can stand up to some pretty tough usage and still deliver the goods.

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The Latest In High Tech Water Bottles

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The Latest In High Tech Water Bottles

This article was published on 2011/11/23