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There is almost not any health conscious individual who has not heard about the Eureka Forbes RO in India. Not all water purifiers of other brands are as effective, as innovative, and as hi-tech as that of Eureka Forbes. No wonder Eureka Forbes has been deemed Asia's largest direct sales company! A force of 7000 direct personnel touches 1.5 million homes and 4500 company trained technicians visit over 20,000 Indian kitchens daily. Such is the popularity of the Eureka Forbes RO in India. The journey started 28 plus years ago and since then there has been no looking back; the winning trend continues unabated!

There are several features in the

Eureka Forbes RO water purifier deeming it as the most widely used brand amongst millions of Indian households. Here is a list of the many features in common:

  • The RO water purifier by Eureka Forbes comes equipped with a high TDS reduction membrane; the TDS levels thus are brought to acceptable limits, facilitating flow of safe, pure, and fresh water from the faucet
  • The water purifier systems are designed to improve the taste of the water
  • You can cook faster using purified water; tea and coffee taste better
  • The unique multi-stage purification process involved removes disease-causing micro organisms and reduces ionic particles
  • Auto cleaning of the membrane takes place resulting in superior and effective membrane performance
  • Each Eureka Forbes RO water purifier comes equipped with a special cartridge which enhances the membrane life and improves water flow
  • Constant flow of water is always ensured; the varying models come in varying storage capacities.

Affordability is another factor of the Eureka Forbes RO in India. Buying this system is an investment of a decade or more if not a lifetime. Why it is called an investment of a decade is because more innovative systems in sync with the pollution levels of that period will be certainly introduced. And to continue with the trend of living a healthy life, you will obviously buy the latest Eureka Forbes RO water purifier!


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The Eureka Forbes RO in India

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This article was published on 2010/11/26