Testing Water Quality To Maintain The Supply

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Made up of basic elements, a water molecule contains two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom - this is the foundation for life. The human body is 70% water by weight, and humans can only survive for two or three days without fresh water. The world economy depends on water. Water is a basic human need, and the quality of Earth’s water has been compromised by the demands of technology, and the ignorance of the industrial revolution. Drinking water is not the only kind needed.

In North America, fresh water is taken for granted. There is an ample supply. Many countries around the world survive on bottled water, or purified water because they do not have uncontaminated water supplies or fresh water sources. In some cases, children walk for hours every day to get to sources of fresh drinking water. People make careers out of testing water quality. It is an important job. Industrial pursuits require water, and have the potential to contaminate the supply. Drinking and washing water comes from standing bodies of water and rivers that feed different communities, and are in turn fed by underground rivers and lakes.

The world economy is largely driven by the need for oil. Petroleum-based products are used for transportation, household products, and technology. Though energy alternatives are being investigated, it will take time for those technologies to surpass oil within the world economic model. Oil conglomerates run the world’s economy and will not easily relinquish control. Because the production of oil has the potential to contaminate groundwater, checks and balance have been placed into the system to prevent problems. These measures are not foolproof, and therefore water quality test kits are used to establish a baseline for water quality. It is difficult to know what the water quality was before contamination if no studies have been done.

Chemical contamination of groundwater happened in many cases before people were aware that the substances could cause problems. Underground holding tanks leaked into groundwater supplies and caused health problems and environmental crises. The long-term effects of projects were not anticipated or offset. People are more aware now, and in many cases legislation has been put in place to prevent future transgressions. Companies are forced clean-up and pay fines for damaging the environment.

The demands of technology continually require a water supply from the reserves of the planet. They are not bottomless. Water is a non-renewable resource, and its finite supply makes it precious. A lot of water is wasted every day across the world. As a resource that sustains life on the planet, it makes more sense to conserve, protect, and maintain the reserves. Testing water quality regularly through the use of water quality test kits and establishing and maintaining sensible water use habits is a solid foundation on which to build.

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Testing Water Quality To Maintain The Supply

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Testing Water Quality To Maintain The Supply

This article was published on 2013/02/05