Smoking with Hookahs and Water Pipes

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Hookahs and other water pipes were among the first types of smoking implements. The history of hookah smoking is a great tradition followed by prominent people in India’s North Western provinces including Rajputs, Jats, Gurjars, etc. Hookahs smoke also lasts a lot longer than most other pipes. Hookahs can produce 150 to 200 inhalations per session that could last anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour depending on how many join the smoking session. If you are looking to buy a pipe and are considering switching from small glass blown pipes or wooden pipes to a water pipe or hookah, here are some of the basics of this style of pipe.

The water. There should be enough water placed inside the base of your water pipe. Make sure it rises about 2 in. above the shaft’s tip as it enters the water base. Also make sure the water you add is room temperature.

The tobacco. Use tobaccos that have fruit flavors. You may also use fun spice flavors to infuse your tobacco. Make sure you pack your hookah bowl with these flavor-infused tobaccos but do not over fill the bowl.

The coal. A hookah needs charcoal to work. When lighting up and heating your coal, use materials that light up easily so you don’t waste time. You may try the quick-light materials that bars and restaurants use when offering hookah pipes to their customers. If you will be using wood coals, keep in mind that this type will need more time before it lights up and heats the tobacco.

Wrap it. After you pack the bowl with flavor infused tobacco, wrap it with foil. Make sure the shiny side is placed down.

Put holes. Once you have wrapped your bowl with foil, grab a toothpick or perhaps a fork and make holes on top of the foil-wrapped bowl. 10–15 holes will likely be enough.

Place the charcoal. Once your charcoal heated, place it on top of your foil-covered bowl. Press down on the charcoal and wait until you see smoke begin to fill the base before you begin to smoke.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that hookahs are becoming increasingly popular among youth. It is important to note that hookahs and glass pipes, like cigarettes, still increase one’s cancer risk. Many feel that hookahs are a less harmful alternative because they contain fewer additives than cigarettes; however this has not been proven. Hookahs or other smoking implements should only be used by adults. Many stores that have water pipes for sale will not allow customers under 18 into the store for this reason.

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Smoking with Hookahs and Water Pipes

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This article was published on 2011/09/16