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Pureit is one of the top most brands offered by Hindustan Unilever, which is considered as the India’s No. one employer.Other brands offered by Hindustan Unilever include Lakme, Kissan, Surf Excel, Bru, Dove, Clinic Plus, Kwality Walls, Pepsodent, Lux, Lifebuoy, etc. Pureit comes with range of water purifiers including Pureit Classic, Pureit Compact, Pureit Classic Autofill, Pureit Intella, Pureit Marvella and Pureit Marvella RO. Among these, Pureit Marvella Water Purifier is the Indias first fully automatic water purifier, which comes with 4.5 litres of water storage capacity with 1-10 litres per hour of flow rate. As it is automatic in nature, no electricity is required to operate it.The purifier comes with some automatic benefits, which includes automatic on/off switch and automatic storage facility.It also comes with Insta Serve Jug for storing and serving water.

Pureit Marvella comes with unique 4-stage purification technology, which ensures that the water you are drinking is as safe as boiled water. The first stage in the purification process is of Unique Pleated Filter.In this stage, the pleated filter removes the visible dirt. The second stage is of Unique Activated carbon filter, which removes remaining dirt, harmful parasites and even pesticide impurities.Third stage of water purification consists of Unique GermKill processor, which uses programmed chlorine release technology to remove harmful viruses and bacteria.The last and the fourth stage is of Unique Polisher, which removes chlorine and other pollutants to make water clean, odour-less and of great taste.

Pureit Marvella provides you double assurance of safety in terms of getting germ-free and tasty water.First assurance level consists of GermKill indicator, which indicates when it is safe to use the purifier for water purification and when its the time to change the GermKill kit. The second assurance level consists of Auto Safety Lock.If you forget to change the Germkill Kit in time, the Germkill indicator turns fully red and Auto safety Lock mechanism shuts the flow of water, causing the water flow from the Leakage Pipe.This ensures that no-one accidently drinks unsafe and unhealthy water.If any leakage you would found in the purifier, simply call the helpline number and order for a new Germkill kit.

Overall, Pureit Marvella Water Purifier is a best-in-class fully automatic water purifier, which provides you pure and safe drinking water at anytime you want.

Pureit Marvella Water Purifier are indias 1st fully automatic water purifier. It has 4 purification stages like- Unique Pleated Filter (Removes visible dirt), activated carbon Filter -(Removes remaining dirt, harmful parasites and even pesticide impurities), Germkill Processor (It uses programmed chlorine release technology to remove harmful viruses and bacteria.) and Unique Polisher (Removes chlorine and other contaminants to make water clean, odourless and of great taste). It has 4.5 litres of storage capacity, No electricity required.


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Pureit Marvella Water Purifier

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Pureit Marvella Water Purifier

This article was published on 2012/03/09