Is Ionized Water Ideal Water?

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The awareness of acidity and its relationship to disease in the body has increased in recent years. Detox is no longer the domain of the self-confessed health freak. Detox is a well-used word in mainstream media these days. People are going on all kinds of regimens to deal with toxins in their bodies but the truth is that the right kind of drinking water will detoxify the body very efficiently.

So if the root cause of acidity is toxins, then surely it makes sense naturally to drink a water that detoxifies the body. It's the natural way, right? Why would somebody want to try and reduce the acidity of the body by putting in alkaline water? Scientists in every field keep on researching and developing and often the result is a man-made solution which addresses the symptoms of a problem. Let's face it, the hugely wealthy drug industry has made its trillions from treating symptoms.

Why the complexity? There is power in simplicity. Reducing acidity is based on what works naturally, is a) get the toxins out of the body and b) eat things which are easily assimilable and which bring alkalinity to the body.

The first is done by unsaturated water - water that has a capacity to detoxify. That means water which is not full of things, including minerals. Most minerals in water are not available and can even deposit themselves in the body. The mineral water industry is a highly profitable sector and flourished with effective marketing. Your body needs water - yes, and your body needs minerals - right too. But you get your minerals from vegetables. They turn the minerals from the inorganic form in the soil and make them available in organic form for human consumption. Indeed another tremendous source of minerals for the body is a whole food that has existed for billions of years - " Super Blue Green Algae.

So here are the BASICS 4 HEALTH my friends... Power Water and Super Blue Breen Algae. That is simplicity. That is power for your body.

Power Water has been described by an energy institute in Austria as being comparable to a high-energy mountain source water and the Super Blue Green Algae from Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon has been described as nutrient powerhouse.

Well for me, this is the way forward.

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My name is Gary Byrne. I am 47 years old and I work with Dorothea, my partner, in the world of Wellness. We have a water enhancement systems company and we help people to lead healthier lives. I started my personal journey into the world of water over 20 years ago, drinking the crystal energy water of Dr Patrick Flanagan and today I have finally arrived at an oasis with ideal water. Along the way I have also learned about the Basics for health and have developed with my partner, a simple and powerful way for the body to detoxify and to be fully nourished NATURALLY. I think useful and applicable knowledge should be shared and that is why I am writing articles. My articles will also be simple because I just don't like complexity!

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Is Ionized Water Ideal Water?

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This article was published on 2010/03/27