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The molecular water environment theory is currently being proven as a landmark in science. It states that:

Replenishing the hexagonal water in our bodies can

  • increase vitality
  • slow the aging process
  • and prevent disease
By way of explanation, hexagonal water is a six-sided molecule. They are generally micro-clustered. This means it is smaller and can easily penetrate and hydrate your cells. In fact, it can hydrate your body six times faster than conventional or pentagonal water and this is important! Most diseases are caused by dehydration and over-acidity - both of which can be corrected by drinking hexagonal water.

The question then becomes: how to produce this healthy water for drinking? There are several ways.

  1. Super cooling the water will produce more hexagonal structures. Were you aware that glacial waters are hexagonal?
  2. Adding calcium to the water will enable the production of hexagonal structures (as long as the structure-building minerals like calcium, are in balance with the structure-degrading minerals like magnesium).
  3. Using outside energetic fields like electrolysis or magnetism will produce hexagonal water.
We will be dealing with the electrolysis option for producing our healthy anti-aging hexagonal water. Water is sometimes referred to as the "water of life" and it's true. Water is closely tied to life and health. An infant, for example, is made of 80% water by weight, but an oldster is sometimes about 50% water. We wither and wrinkle with age...we lose water.

Cell water turnover is a way to mark or measure health and possible longevity. Water movement is an indication of energy and purity. Babies eliminate a large percentage of water daily, but that decreases as he grows and ages. "One of the things hexagonal water has clearly been shown to improve is cell water turnover." - Dr. Mu Shik Jhon


  • Smaller units are able to penetrate cells more rapidly (affecting metabolism, nutrient absorption, waste removal, etc)
  • This water supports metabolic efficiency, removes waste more efficiently.
  • It can hold more energy. It has a larger caloric capacity and can do more work than expected. We say it is energetically more powerful and so it is the obvious choice for good healthy water. (read The Water Puzzleby Dr. Mu Shik Jhon)
Aging...Aging is actually a loss of structured water. It's a loss of hexagonal water from organs, tissues, and cells AND an overall decrease in total body water. Aging is also an increase of disorganized water eliminated through the bladder and bowel. Aging is accelerated whenever the amount of pentagonal water is high. Acidic wastes build up, metabolic functions decrease and the aging process kicks into gear. This can be reversed by supplying the body with hexagonal structured water. (excerpted from The Water Puzzleby Dr. Mu Shik Jhon)

Snow water is hexagonal (in large percentage) and also contains a healthy balance of dissolved mineral ions. People living in areas where snow water is available to drink - live longer lives. The water has been super cooled, then frozen for a long time. And drinking this type of water seems to enable greater health, immune function, better digestion or metabolic activity, and slower aging. Even very old people can maintain strong health if they drink hexagonally structured water.

Additionally, the aging process involves the loss of calcium ions from the body, but hexagonal water attracts calcium. There's an affinity between these water molecules and calcium, such that if there is enough structured or hexagonal water present in the body, the supply of calcium will be sufficient. Two major problems solved! Drink it daily and you'll have proper hydration and a good supply of calcium to last through your long life.

The study of hexagonal water has gone far beyond theory. Commercial applications are in place all over the world. In the Orient, it has become accepted FACT that hexagonal water is beneficial for the body and pentagonal or conventional water may actually be harmful. If we are to live a long life and be free of disease, drinking a sufficient amount of structured hexagonal water will ensure our longevity.

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Water passed through electrolysis produces hexagonal water and we predict the next popular household appliance will be your under-the-counter water ionizer made by Enagic USA, Inc. First researched and implemented in hospitals in Japan about 35 years ago, this technology has finally been made available in the United States and the western world. Water ionization is here NOW! Hexagonal water is available to you and your family for pennies per day. You can finally increase your vitality, slow your aging process, and prevent disease within your family.

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Ionized Hexagonal Water

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This article was published on 2010/03/29