Industrial Water Heaters Helping People Go Green

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Water is just as necessary to heavy industries and manufacturing plants as to the human body. According to a report released by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in 2009, industrial usage of water accounts for 22 percent of the world’s water consumption. Thus, industries make it a priority that they install water management solutions for their factories. The products they make are highly dependent on water.

Factories have a sophisticated water distribution and processing system that regulates water depending on their use. Most of the time, production calls for hot water for making food, cosmetics, construction and other products. A major part of this system includes water heaters responsible for providing factories with the hot water they need. Without water heaters, factory production can come to a standstill.

The industrial method of heating water is no different from something as simple as heating a kettle at home. However, industrial water heating is an upscale version where hot water needs to get to the assembly line as soon as possible. Water heaters are connected by a network of pipes that bring the hot water to the necessary places. In other words, it sure beats heating a kettle and bringing it to the factory again and again.

Since factories use water heaters a lot, environmental features are added so that its use does not yield a negative impact. Low NOx water heaters are designed to reduce nitrous oxide emissions, thus, reducing greenhouse gases. Industries can use these water heaters as much as needed without worrying about the effect on the environment.

In addition, water heating systems for industries come with boiler stack economizers. These water heating components reuse the heat from the heating process. This allows the water heating system to be energy efficient, cutting energy bills of plants significantly. It also helps water boilers operate at nearly full efficiency.

The industrial water heating system is constantly evolving, providing convenience and efficiency to factories and plants. Innovations such as water heaters with low emissions and stack economizers are making industries go green. The answer to the problem of dwindling natural resources and environmental woes is an energy efficient water heating system.

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Industrial Water Heaters Helping People Go Green

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Industrial Water Heaters Helping People Go Green

This article was published on 2011/09/29