Important Water Factors That Affect Water Quality

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When we reach for a glass of water we all want the best tasting water we can drink, but have you ever thought of the quality of water you are drinking? There are many things affecting the quality of our water.

Let me highlight what I think is important when looking at water factors that affect water quality.

First, when looking at how water factors affect the water quality, we need to know there are over 2100 toxic chemicals in U.S. drinking water that can cause cancer. I don't know about you, but I don't want to be drinking any chemicals in my water that will have ill effects on my health.

These dangerous substances can be lead, pesticides, herbicides, weed killers, pharmaceutical drugs, chlorine, oil, arsenic, and others. These get into our water supplies from groundwater runoff or sewer systems that end up in our lakes, rivers and creeks.

Yes, our water companies filter the water before it gets to us, but they don't have the right kind of filters to remove all the dangerous contaminates. They don't even test for the 2100 dangerous elements in the water, so how can they know if they remove them. They are only required to test for a handful of the toxins in our environment.

The second thing we need to be concerned about for how water factors affect water quality is what natural pure water contains. Some of you out there are promoting reverse osmosis and distillers to filter your water with, but what you are doing with these systems is removing the natural minerals in the water.

A friend of mine recently bought a reverse osmosis system, so I asked him if he knew he was removing all the minerals from the water that our body needs to work properly and he said yes, but he takes mineral supplements so that is no concern of his.

I think we all know what comes naturally is much more healthy for our bodies then what we take in pill or liquid form from a bottle, plus the added expense doesn't make sense. So leave the natural minerals in the water, don't remove them.

Water factors that affect water quality can be eliminated with the correct kind of home water filter. You need a multi stage filter that removes the different types of toxins at the right time. And you need one that leaves the healthy natural minerals in the water.

Look for a carbon filter that also has a sub micron and a multi block filter along with an ion exchange to get rid of the lead and replace it with potassium. With this kind of filter you will end up with alkaline water instead of an acidic pH. In case you don't know cancer grows in an acidic pH body, where an alkaline pH body will be able to withstand the effects of cancer and keep it from growing.

I read an article once that we all have cancer in our body, and we know the cure for cancer - it is the immune system. A healthy optimal working immune system can keep the cancer from growing. Keep your immune system healthy by providing it with alkaline pH water from your own home water filter.

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Important Water Factors That Affect Water Quality

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This article was published on 2010/03/30