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The first step to achieving a totally Hybrid water Fuelled Car is for the engine to be able to use duel fuel (Hybrid Technology, simply put - the engine can run off two different types of fuel). For your car engine to be able to run on water, a small Generator is needed to be Installed within your engine compartment. To convert an engine to be able to be a water fueled car the generator fitted needs to be an Hydrogen Generator; the hydrogen generator is a mechanical device used by thousands of people to save gas.

With the alarming rise of fuel costs in the economy, building and installing this water fuelled technology has become a common D.I.Y project, so people can save money and energy reserves. Many people are trying to build their own hydrogen generators, so they are able to run their cars on water, due to the availability of some Professional D.I.Y Hybrid fueled Car Kits available now. Some people with a mechanical background are even starting up businesses, building and installing these HHO Generators for customers ( in order for You to build and install one of these for yourself, you DO NOT have to be an auto mechanic or electrician , that is the simplicity of the Manuals available). Taking advantage of kits to build and install an HHO generator is the best way to save money and have your own Hybrid water fueled Car.

How Do I Build & Install an HHO Generator (a water converting device)?

The answer to this question is, very simply and easily, it will be for you to be able to build your own generator. If you want to convert your vehicle to become a Hybrid Water Fuelled vehicle, then you need to have an HHO generator installed inside your car engine. The simple and cheap way of achieving this is to:

1) Buy one of the professionally designed HHO guides/manuals available today.
2) Once you have purchased the D.I.Y HHO manual, you will need to purchase the generator parts needed (available from most hardware stores).
3) When you have the manual and the parts, the easy Step-by-Step instructions are followed in the manual, you then build the generator to the specifications stated and to suit the size of your engine space.
4) When you have built the HHO Generator, you then follow another set of simple step-by-step instructions from the manual to Install and connect the generator inside your engine space.
5) When all instructions have been followed, you will fill up the generator with WATER and you will have achieved the hybrid water fueled car engine conversion.

The engine conversion is Not a complicated process, because the manuals are designed by Professionals; also most manual providers offer customer support for any difficulties you may come across and most guarantee their manuals. This Hybrid technology is Not new technology; it has been around over 100 years and there are detailed reports, patents and designs to be seen for yourself about Hybrid Water Fuelled Technology! A brief explanation of how an HHO Generator works is, the generator is filled with water (H2O) then electricity from your car battery is passed through the water in the generator, this causes a molecular change within the water compound and separates Hydrogen molecules from the Oxygen in the water, and this process is called (electrolysis).

When the hydrogen is separated inside the generator there is a gas created from the Hydrogen molecules and this is used as the Hybrid substitute fuel, which is then combusted in the carburetor. The Hybrid Water Fuelled engine then uses the Usual fuel/gas and the Hydrogen fuel/gas to achieve up to 50% More miles per gallon of fuel used. There are now two fuels to burn instead of one and one of the fuels is free (water).

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Hybrid Water Fueled Car

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This article was published on 2010/03/30