How to Deal with Green Water in a Pond

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When you look out and see that you have green water in your backyard pond; this can be frustrating to say the least. Unfortunately, this is something that many individuals are going through, yet they do not know how to take care of it. Are you interested in learning about green water treatment? If you are, then chances are, you are fed up with the ugly, green water. You want nothing more than it to be back to its normal, pretty colour like it was when you first put the pond in your land. In the paragraphs below, we are going to tell you some of the treatment options that you have, so pay close attention to what you are about to read.

Algae are an unsightly problem for people who enjoy keeping a pond. The single celled plant-life colours the water green and can obscure the view. When considering Green water treatment, it is best to explore all methods to choose the most appropriate one for your situation. The main types of treatment are natural based, and chemical based.

Natural treatments consist of restoring the balance between sunlight, and nutrients. To do this you need to incorporate plant life to help use up the plant food contained in the water.

You also need to create shade outside of the water to block some of the sunlight. Algae use sunlight in the metamorphosis process and limiting the sunlight will help to control the algae growth.

Another method you may want to try is incorporating fish into your pond. Fish need to be monitored to prevent over population, an increase in waste and a return of your algae problem. If you would like to keep a large amount of fish, you can introduce a filter to get rid of the excess waste. Some other aquatic lives you can add that will make a small difference include: muscles, and ramshorn snails. Some other methods you can try would be to: Putting a bale of alfalfa or straw in the pond, algae eating carp, mute swans,

In some situations you cannot rely on natural treatments and will need to resort to chemically based treatments called algaecides, which kill the algae and help to control their growth. There are certain algaecides which are safe for fish and some which are not, always read the label before using it in a pond containing fish.

You can use either a potassium permanganate solution which can help to cure your algae issue. The other solution you may want to try is a formula containing copper sulphate. This chemical should also be used with caution as it cannot be used alone.

Whether you choose natural or chemical based methods for reducing algae growth, doing your research and choosing a green water treatment that works best for you and your pond will ensure you have a clear, healthy and well balanced water feature. Remember, it is going to take some time to get it back to normal; it is not going to disappear overnight.

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Green Water is one of the major problems for a pond owner and sometimes it is essential to use an algicide to lessen this on their pond.

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How to Deal with Green Water in a Pond

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This article was published on 2011/06/07