Hot Water Heater In Cold Weather, Low

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10 Water heater Market because of the weather becomes colder temperature, water heater buy time to become a

Consumption The concern of those hot spots. Reporter visited the market found that the business section at this time vigorously promoting new water heater, the person in charge of all stores, compared with September, average daily volume grew 20%.

New Heavy Energy Effect Into in November, pushing hot water heater become the store's products. Press the supermarkets in the urban areas to see dazzling new offensive, with the July

Gas Water Heater Energy efficiency and the introduction of new national standard

Water Heater New national standard implementation of the new listings this year, the water heater products on Saving Energy, have done much. With the new products get together a large number of listed water heater market, more and more thick smell of gunpowder, various new technologies have on stage.

Suning stores, according to the staff of Dongguan, the new market of new products focused on high-end areas, such as AO-speed hot new listings become soluble and C2 series, Ariston series of high-end craftsmanship and unique marketing model Suning "AS -Ei3 + "series, 10000, and, MACRO can condensing rate of 11 series have appeared in stores, Style for a different kind show.

Reporter noted that some well-known brands of water heaters can achieve a new energy efficiency standards, thermal efficiency up to 96% or more, you can save 1 / 4 of the gas. Some are using heating rods split technology, consumers can the actual needs of water

Measuring Tools Hot water increases body heat regulation in order to save energy.

LPG prices affect sales of gas water heater

According to Fashion Electrical Marketing Miss Liu introduced the sales from the prior situation, gas water heaters and electric water heaters were sold accounting for 40% and 60%, but the electric water heater Recently significant growth in sales was mainly due to the use of more electric water heater

Security , Environmental protection, clean, convenient, "the recent rising price of LPG is also one of the causes." Miss Liu introduced.

"Liquefied gas price increases have driven the sales of electric water heaters, gas water heater, but there are still some markets." Dongguan

States United States Advertisement Promotion Department staff, at present, the Dongguan

Home Appliances Market, where electric water heater is the trend, however, the gas water heater, or in need. More Dongguan factory because the factory are mostly used gas water heater. US-South City stores to the country, for example, recently there are many factories Group buy one main gas water heater.

In the low-end is still the mainstream

GOME water heater area, Dongguan official told reporters, the price of 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan to the water heater between the most popular brand, the United States, and Smith,

Haier , Cherry and other selling well. Overall, the market acceptance, higher visibility and other reasons, sales of domestic water heater is better than the joint-venture brands, "the sales of domestic water heaters account for about 70%, while only 30% of the joint venture."

Fashion store sales electrical Guancheng Lee told reporters that the current electric water heater consists of the thermal and thermal storage type two, each with its own characteristics. The water heater to use more convenient, priced at 2,000 yuan, more than storage water heaters price is higher. Storage water heaters cost about 1,500 yuan, the family storage water heater with a choice more suitable, because the water heater on the family have requested the use of wires, and gas water heaters have emissions, not environmental protection, safety factor than the electric water heater to low.
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Hot Water Heater In Cold Weather, Low

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This article was published on 2010/10/24