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Stagnant water is bad water, and so you know if your body's inner waters are not flowing smoothly, if your blood cells are clumped and your blood is thickened, if you feel sluggish and tired... you know your internal waters are stagnant.

"In nature, water movement is an indication of energy and purity." - Dr. Mu Shik Jhon (foremost researcher regarding the structure, behavior and importance of water)

In the world, any nation that neglects the building of a clean water delivery system for its people, is considered a third world country! And during the past hundred years, the countries of the world have begun to realize the predicament this planet's water supply is in. The study of water has become a science in its own right called hydrology, linking water with health and genuine wellness.

Water shortages have caused researchers to learn how to improve water supplies and water which was once so plentiful and healthy, has become a commodity. Water is a sign of true wealth.  Because the amount and weight of the water on the earth is fixed and does not change, the fact that our population increases each year makes water even more important to our graceful survival and prosperity. Do YOU and your family have a good supply of healthy water?

Hexagonal water is richly antioxidant, pure and freshly made through the process called ionization. It is also alkaline and is made of smaller than usual molecule clusters, making it easily absorbed by your body. It hydrates many times better and faster than conventional waters and this is important in the age of a limited healthy water supply.

It's impossible to discuss healthy hexagonal water without discussing the invisible minerals in the water that have been dissolved from the rocks and earth. Those minerals are in the form of ions or charged electrical particles. Water in certain areas of the world is healthy because it contains numerous ions and the people who live in those areas live extra long lives. Calcium, lithium, sodium, zinc, iron, copper, silver, and nickel (+) ions are especially helpful in building hexagonal structured water and it has proven to be the healthiest.

Magnesium, potassium, rubidium, aluminum, chloride, bromide, fluoride, and iodide are (-) charged ions that help to break down the hexagonal structure of water, changing it into pentagonal. But this is not a bad thing. The effects of these (+) and (-) ions can be partially understood by observing the way they affect the water structure and the body. Potassium (which breaks down the hexagonal properties) accelerates the activity of neuromuscular cells while calcium (which helps build the hexagonal structure) can slow the rate of growth of cancer cells. Water and the minerals dissolved in it are very important to your health, your deep cellular health. The free flowing mineral rich waters inside your cells and surrounding your cells must be encouraged or you will grow sick and ....

Learn more about this important new water technology, which isn't really new at all! Glacier water and snow water have been around a long time and these super-cooled waters are hexagonal in structure. Those people drinking snow melt are proven to thrive and live longer and healthier than other people in the world. This important water is sometimes referred to as "kangen water". Kangen is the Japanese term for "return to origin".

It's a matter of fact that water ionization producing hexagonal water has been popularized in Japan for the past 35 years. It has been used primarily in large hospitals. Now there is an ionizer in many private patients' rooms and in one of five households in Japan.

Japan is number one in the world for health and wellness standards and a healthy population. We should take heed, pay attention to their emphasis on hexagonal restructured water instead of conventional water for personal use.

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Finally you can increase your vitality, slow your aging process, and prevent disease within your family! You MUST learn more about this important new kangen water technology.

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Hexagonal Kangen Water

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This article was published on 2010/03/29