Health Hazards Caused By Cheap Water Bottles!

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Everybody wants to scour the internet and find the best deal possible and finding cheap water bottles is no exception. A good quality water bottle and harness can get very expensive ranging from $10-15 to upwards of $100 depending on the size and company.

There is a saying “You get what you pay for” and I believe that’s true in most cases.  When people try to sell a product for the cheapest price possible they tend to take shortcuts and undermine the quality of their products.  Many countries are known for taking shortcuts like this and producing products that are toxic and even deadly for the consumer.  

I don’t want to point fingers but China has had quite a few mainstream media blunders because they were careless in producing foods and other goods.  An example would be they were selling dog food that was so toxic it was killing pets here in America by the hundreds and thousands.  They’ve also been known to use lead based paints still on children’s toys as well.
I think the average consumer over looks some common sense when they get into the frenzy mode of buying.  It just turns into how many items can I get for X amount of dollars and honestly we shouldn’t be thinking like that. Water bottle or water hydration systems should be no exception.  The fluids that you intact from those bottles go directly into you body and if there is any toxic chemical used to make it you ingest those right into your perfectly healthy body .

#1-Absolutely without a doubt avoid any bottle that doesn’t say “BPA free” or has this other following criteria.

•It’s made of Glass. All glass is BPA free.

•It is made of Stainless Steel.  Stainless Steel requires no BPA to seal in freshness. The bottles actually repel odors and flavors.

•Stay away from foggy types of semi see through plastic unless it is label.

#2-Do not reuse single use water bottles.  They can become toxic by being exposed to heat.  They will start to begin growing bacteria that you will not notice that may cause some health problems

#3-Buy from reputable stores and vendors.  It is becoming very ramped in the world that companies are making knock-off products and selling them to you at rip off prices because they aren’t the same product.  They are usually poorly made and any number of other things you could be exposed to.

In the end, if the deal seems to be too good to be true it probably is.

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J.J. Smith is a personal trainer and a endurance sport athlete. He believes that you can only perform as good as your equipment. He runs a successful website helping novices use a sports water bottle effectively and to avoid poisoning yourself with cheap water bottles.

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Health Hazards Caused By Cheap Water Bottles!

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Health Hazards Caused By Cheap Water Bottles!

This article was published on 2011/11/10