Getting Quality Zinc Anodes Online For Your Various Applications

in Water
Zinc anodes are basically used as sacrificial anodes in various marine environments. Their excellent capacity to resist corrosion and protect other more valuable metals makes them ideal for use in various industry segments.
The following content relates to their different varieties and application areas.

Zinc Hull Anodes:

This type of zinc anodes provides protection to marine vessels like such as ships, barges, and tankers. They are available in many different configurations that include weld-on and bolt-on mounting systems.

Zinc Ballast Tank Anodes:

As the name indicates, these zinc anodes are typically used on tankers and very large vessels. These too come in several configurations that allow for different mounting options onto the required structure.

Zinc Anodes for Bulkheads:

These ones are known to provide excellent cathodic protection on the wall within the hull of a ship, vehicle, or container. They work excellent in all kinds of water conditions like freshwater, brackish water and salt water.

Zinc Soil Anodes:

These are used in saline mud below 1200 F (500 C). These anodes would protect objects underground such a storage tanks, containers, and buried structures. They have similar function like zinc boats has in water.
Apart from these, there are zinc anodes for Piers and Pilings, and also those for pipelines are used in underground, under mud or under seawater (called Zinc Bracelet Anodes). Even from heat transfer equipment, there are a different variety known as Zinc Heat Exchanger and Condenser Anodes.
Why get zinc anodes online?

Zinc anodes are best ordered online as here you can get access to various manufacturers all in just one place. Hence, you do not have to run from pillar to post searching for the ones that fulfill your individual requirements. Moreover, you can also avail custom made products from well known manufacturers specialized in the anodes production like magnesium anodes etc.

The online source is also reliable as here you can get on time deliveries at your specified destination. Always go for experienced manufacturers as they can assure quality workmanship and are equipped with tried and tested technologies. They also have competent staff that takes care to go for chemical analyses of each and every product including aluminum anodes, before shipping.

However, it is recommended that whichever online manufacturer you order zinc anodes from, always go for the ones that confirm to the latest Mil-Spec. See to it that they are also covered by the ASTM-418-95.

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Getting Quality Zinc Anodes Online For Your Various Applications

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This article was published on 2010/10/13