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In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, on the commodities Package Become increasingly demanding. Corrugated paper Box packaging container as a commodity, not only to ensure safety in the transportation of goods, but also can play a beautification products, improve the added value and promote Sell Role, especially in recent years, the emergence of various market Print Beautiful new proof coating considerably improved packaging carton cartons of product quality, a fundamental solution to the carton packaging Yi Chao, easy to mold, vulnerability issues. Currently boxes with waterproof properties of the demand is growing, particularly in vegetables, Food , Home appliances, industrial products, packaging, application of a gradual increase. In particular, exports of water consumption growth boxes, great for the corrugated box manufacturing industry. Water features and waterproof cardboard Paint About waterproof cardboard is resistant to water damage the general term for the cardboard cartons. It is typically a layer of waterproof coating corrugated board brush, dried and made into. Waterproof paint on the brush in the cardboard boxes after the fast drying film, the film transparency, good gloss, smooth and non-adhesive coating, printing ink no effect on the carton. After finishing the general corrugated waterproof coating, the cartons can increase the surface abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, high strength, water resistance and there is a strong, good moisture resistance, can play a landscaping and long carton protection role.

Current domestic waterproof coating are: oil-soluble, alcohol-soluble and water-soluble waterproof coating, waterproof coating compared to the three water-soluble coating waterproof coatings, moisture resistant than oil-soluble, alcohol soluble waterproof coating. Waterproof coating is usually water-soluble wax cartons, polyethylene oxide film forming materials, and with the dispersing agent, stabilizer, thickening agent, brightener, regulators, water and other additives with the formation of water-based emulsion. Its advantage is: non-toxic tasteless, anti-water permeability, nonflammable, stable, hot and cold temperature adaptability. With the use of safe, affordable, quality water moisture resistant, easy to use (spray coating, brush may be) features.

This is because the corrugated box removed from the freezer, the cooler than outside packaging. As to the cup into the cold water in the summer when the water droplets in the glass surface of the same phenomenon, this phenomenon is the dew point. Generally corrugated surface dew, linerboard can be absorbed within a short time, an increase of cartons of water to reduce the carton strength. Using hydrophobic cardboard, dew can penetrate into water droplets and prevent internal, not lower board strength. However, if the time on the outside, or into the freezer to take out repeated because the hydrophobic surface treatment only in the board process, the hydrophobic effect of decreased water increase, reach a certain time and the general strength of corrugated board down is consistent. On the other hand, due to board over the surface of the hydrophobic process, linerboard surface abrasion resistance increased significantly, can prevent the flow of the process of repeated friction between cartons, cardboard, paper surface peeling and end production. Water-resistant corrugated board (retaining corrugated board), also known as water-retaining corrugated cardboard, the cardboard and the water contact time, generally does not make the water through. If in another way, although able to prevent water ingress, but once the water into the inside, the water resistance of the corrugated cardboard will all disappear.

In corrugated cardboard bonding process, the water resistance of waterproof coating method with a spray or roller coating the surface of the sheet of paper, so that the board has good water resistance. If both sides of every piece of paper are coated, then the board of the waterproof performance is better. Manufacture the corrugated board representation is the curtain-type coating method. Shown in Figure 1, the so-called curtain method is to melt the waterproof coating sprayed down like a film screen, so that corrugated board (or have printed corrugated cardboard boxes) by the corrugated surface in the form of a coating method ( positive and negative all through the one or two screen film devices can be installed on both sides of processing).

Made in this way corrugated board, can fully prevent the water from the surface of immersion, lower processing costs, but can not prevent the water from the submerged section of corrugated cardboard. This corrugated cardboard normally used for packaging processed aquatic products, except for water, the corrugated surface as the waterproof layer of soft, easily bruised and sometimes also used for furniture, piano, precision machinery and other items of packaging. Strong water-resistant corrugated cardboard processed long immersion, strength decrease water resistance is not known as strong corrugated cardboard. In other words, paper products has weakened with water defects, but in the case of wet-processed after the water resistance is still strong
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Features Waterproof Corrugated Board Production And Processing Methods - Corrugated Cardboard -

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Features Waterproof Corrugated Board Production And Processing Methods - Corrugated Cardboard -

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