Ever Asked Yourself is Bottled Water Better Than Tap?

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I know that after watching an evening segment on television where they were claiming that bottled water was no better than tap I think I found the answer. I guess I should have known that this was the case, but I must have been in denial that companies would overcharge on something like this.

After I watched this on television, I decided to do some more research on my own to see what else I could learn about these two types of water. Everything that I read about bottled water said virtually the same thing, it is no better than the tap version and in some cases it is literally tap water.

Learning about the tap version was much more revealing that I thought it would be for something I thought was the highest quality water that I was getting into my house.

Story after story I kept on reading about problems with the water treatment plants across the U.S. There were stories about 2300 toxic cancer causing chemicals found across the country. Stories about the government agencies stating that the system was out dated and inadequate to handle the purifying of the water. Even workers at the plants themselves that told managers that the systems were not working to provide the best water that they could provide to homes.

As I was finishing up this research, it became very obvious to me that I needed to buy some sort of filtration system for my family. I made a budget and started my research on this subject.

I was not surprised that these systems can cost a lot of money. The highest price of $750 dollars for a unit was not what I was expecting. Many of the systems were $200 or $300 just for the initial buy in. I was able to find a much more reasonably priced system for around $100 dollars and they outperformed the other brands on the market today.

I think it is pretty clear that buying one of these systems is a good idea and something that can be very affordable for almost everyone. Check out my webpage to see which products from which company I am using for my family today.

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Ever Asked Yourself is Bottled Water Better Than Tap?

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This article was published on 2010/03/29