Do You Use Eco-Friendly Shower Heads?

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There has been a lot of talk lately about what are now coming to be known as eco-friendly shower heads, but many people are not sure exactly what that means.  It has long been known that there are pollutants in large numbers that are entering into our reservoirs through the groundwater system.  These contaminants number in the tens of thousands.

In fact, there are over two thousand chemicals that have been positively identified as present in our water supply that have been proven to cause cancer.  Without taking action on our own to remove these impurities from both our drinking and bathing water we are at grave risk of having our health adversely affected.  Home water filtration systems are our only line of defense.

You probably already know about the importance of installing a drinking water filter system in your home, but few of us are truly aware of the need for eco-friendly shower heads.  Ingesting toxic contaminants through the act of drinking does pose a serious threat to your health.  The exposure that you get to these chemical agents through the steam during your morning shower however is far worse for you.

Cancer causing chemical agents such as chlorine vaporizes much more quickly when heated than water does.  What this means is that the vapor that you are inhaling into your lungs, and absorbing through your pores is almost entirely chemical.  The level of toxins that you ingest through these vapors is almost 6,000 times higher than what you would ingest by drinking a gallon of unfiltered tap water.

Eco-friendly shower heads are important not only to protect your health, but to protect the environment as well.  The amount of pollution in our water system continues to grow as more toxins find their way into the groundwater system.  The waste water treatment facilities are not removing these pollutants from our water supply, but are simply sending them on to you.

If there is no type of filtering system in place in order to trap these toxins they simply pour down into the drain, become a part of the sewage system, and find their way back into our reservoirs once again.  It is a scenario that has played out time and time again, and it is not going to stop anytime soon.  That is, unless each individual does his part.

When this contaminated water reaches your home the impurities will become trapped by the filters inside both your drinking water purification system, and your eco-friendly shower heads.  What this means is that not only do these filter prevent you from receiving the exposure to these toxins, but that they also will not be returned to our reservoirs.

It seems as thought the role that drinking water filters and eco friendly shower heads play is small, but if everyone was using them then quite possibly a lower level of contaminants would result.  If you want our waterways to be as clean as possible, then you have to do something to make it happen.  It may only help a little, but it is something to think about. 

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Do You Use Eco-Friendly Shower Heads?

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This article was published on 2010/03/30