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Recently, the industry authority on Sino market research company in China
Water purifier
The first findings of the market, has aroused widespread concern. The report shows that: water purifier market, mainly in the United States, and Mao Zedong's poem and the Angel-based, the three together accounted for 60% of total, while other
Scatter large. Have
Expected, water purifier market concentration will be more focused, industry will get rid of the disorder for many years
Situation, enter the brand consumption age.

Bottled Water
Spot checks by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, low pass rate and other issues often came to light, water purifier because of its unique features ushered in a great opportunity for development. Experts analyze that as the impact of SARS and the recent
Bird flu
Invasion, consumers have every detail of life, "desire" does
Health, drinking water, consumers are most concerned about the natural, the most important part of the rapid growth of terminal water filter is rational also. Of course, the consumers when they buy water purifier sure to "
Water-based ", some of the lack of expertise for small businesses, small brand, although the behavior of disturbed water purifier at a low price market, but still not about consumer choice, they buy water filter, be sure the scale will be chosen large, the strength of the technology a good big brand.

From Sino reports that China's real scale, the grade of the water purifier few manufacturers, and the dispersion of large brands in Cixi, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Guangdong, there are hundreds of enterprises. The company has a strong brand advantage, using the complete channel and rich
Means to quickly occupy a large market. Domestic brands are the consumer giant's health is at the top. According to the United States of
Water equipment
Company said that the company
More than 1,000 yuan, the construction of the domestic appliance companies in the only water quality testing center, and established the first enterprise in China's "national hydrology and water quality sample room" for different areas of water quality characteristics and consumer preferences, tailor introduction of different products. U.S. launch of the independent R & D use "pure crystal" technology, "microcrystalline ultrafiltration" technology for the water quality of China's water purifier products to improve the quality of drinking water consumers.

From industry experts also pointed out that the industry wants our water purifier have a big development, to Europe and the United States and Japan, the penetration rate of 70% (China currently only 1%), there must be a strong brand to come forward. Beauty, Qin Yuan, and Angel brands win, will greatly promote the development of the industry level. Meanwhile, with the consumer health awareness and brand awareness, brand water purification technologies and concepts for its health, will be the inevitable choice for consumers, water purification industry, will also enter the era of brand consumption.

In addition, the brand will further promote the industry, consumer standardization, elimination of water purification industry, the adverse effects of disorderly competition, companies have embarked on product quality as the core of the brand road, while for consumers, industry ordered, the improvement of health standards, will consumers really "healthy" products, consumers will be drinking more at ease when.
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Disorderly Competition Out Into The Water Purifier Brand Consumer Era - Water Purifiers, Small

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This article was published on 2011/04/06