Bottled Water Risks Health

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Bottled water is convenient for you on your way, but have you ever wondered quality of this product? Issues on contaminants and pollutants in water supply are rising strongly for the bottling companies.


Most people choose to purchase these products both for the convenience of having water with them on the go, and over issues with contaminants in our water supply. Ease of access and concern over pollutants has been very strong selling points for the bottling companies.


There are thousands of contaminants currently present in our groundwater system, and our reservoirs are teeming with toxins and carcinogens.

It is easy to see why someone would seek out an alternative to drinking tap water, but the answer to achieving access to clean water is not buying prepackaged h2o.

The fact is that bottled products may be worse for you than tap water is.


The reason that the quality of bottled water may be lower than that of tap water is that the bottling companies are far more loosely regulated than municipal treatment facilities.


There have been several recalls in recent years involving the presence of high concentrations of bromate, benzene, various cleaning compounds, bacteria, and mold.


Did you know there is no prohibition on the presence of the E-coli or fecal coliform bacteria in bottled water products?

There is not even any regulation in place that requires that packaged water products be filtered or disinfected, which can potentially lead to serious illness suffered by those that consume these products.


Cryptosporidium and Giardia are the two most common water pathogens, and each of them can cause severe gastrointestinal distress if ingested. Water bottlers are not required to test their products for the presence of these pathogens.


Another thing that affects bottled water quality is the very vessel in which the water is shipped. Phthalates are esters used to increase the flexibility, durability, transparency, and lifespan of plastics.


These substances are responsible for endocrine system disruption, metabolic disorders, allergies, liver and testes damage, and have been linked to cancer, and low birth weight resulting in adult cardiovascular disease.


Phthalates leech off the plastic container which holds your water, and measureable amounts of these toxic substances can be found in the urine of most every adult.


You will want to avoid exposure to phthalates, and every other contaminant mentioned here in order to give yourself the best shot at maintaining good health.


I have the perfect solution for you that will satisfy concern over contamination, and the desire for convenience.


In order to enjoy quality of bottled water you will need to purchase a home tap water purification system, and a set of stainless steel, BPA free, food grade aqua-canteens.


A quality purifier will feature granular activated carbon for the removal of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, a sub micron filter for eliminating disinfectant resistant pathogens, and ion exchange for trapping toxic heavy metals, re-mineralizing your water, and balancing pH levels.


Pour this purified water into your aqua-canteen for water on the go, and you can enjoy true bottled water quality at a fraction of the price you were paying for prepackaged water products.


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Bottled Water Risks Health

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This article was published on 2010/08/04