Baking Soda Cleaning

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1.  Put an opened box or container in your refrigerator and freezer to help absorb nasty fridge/freezer odors.  When replacing, sprinkle used portion down the drain or garburator with warm water to keep the drains running and to deodorize and make your soda go the extra mileage.

2. Make a paste with baking soda and water and use as a scrub for pots and pans and also get the nasty stains out of plastic containers. Rinse well.

3.  Use as an oven cleaning by sprinkling over the bottom of oven and then spray with just enough water to slightly dampen.  Let sit over night and scrub clean.

4.  Sprinkle on the bottom of garbage cans or litter boxes to reduce odors.

5.  Add a small hand full to soapy dish water to make your dishes really clean. Fill your dishwasher filling both detergent compartment and run through the cycle to clean the inside of your dishwasher.

6. Keep a shaker of baking soda by your sink.  Use to clean baked on and dried foods on dishes.  Shake  generous amount on, add hot water and dish soap, let stand for 15 minutes then wash as usual. Use on chopping boards to clean and remove garlicky and onion smells.

7. Sprinkle on damp sponges to clean counter tops, microwaves, back splashes, oven-tops, range hoods, refrigerator and rinse well.

8. Clean empty aquariums with a paste, it will remove the dirt and doesn't scratch the glass.

9.  Sprinkle in the toilet and use toilet brush to scrub clean.  Sprinkle on dampened sponges to clean bathtub, tiles, and sink.

10. Try unclogging a drain by putting half a cup of baking soda followed with white  vinegar.  Let bubble then follow with hot water.

If you decide to get into using baking soda for cleaning, check out your local natural foods store or bulk store for buying in larger quantities as it doesn't spoil and the practical uses are endless!

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Baking Soda Cleaning

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This article was published on 2010/03/29