Alkaline Water Ionizer - "basic" Water For A Better Life!

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Is the water that reaches directly from a water treatment plant really pure to drink? Is this so called treatment in reality more harmful than beneficial? Are the chemicals like chlorine, which are added to purify water actually more dangerous? The answer is a shocking Yes!

It is said that the nature of the fluids in the body should be more "basic" than "acidic". But with all the contamination and the established treatment procedures, even this treated water can be dangerous in the long run. Hence, with the help of an alkaline water filter this normal water should be processed and converted into alkaline ionized water, which is essential for survival.

The Operational Aspect

The water ionizer machine is a basic purification system that is used to treat the regular water that is supplied at home by converting its molecular structure into an ionized state. The improved water or the "super" water produced is much more healthy than regular water.

While the water is filtered, an electric charge in introduced into it which gives it a structure altering effect. This key process of electrolysis is responsible for converting the water into ions and hereby giving both acidic and alkaline varieties. The water which would be suitable for ingestion is of course the low pH alkaline variety.

Merits of Alkaline

The alkaline water ionizer has numerous merits that make them an essential entity in any home.

Antioxidants The antioxidants present in the water help in the anti aging phenomenon and the fight against cancer by neutralizing the free radicals in the water cells.

Anti Diabetes The water ionizer helps reduce the toxins in the body which result in the better functioning of the body and hence controlling diabetes.

Arthritis Alkaline water is essential in providing certain minerals to the body and strengthening the bone structure.

Immune System It strengthens the immune system which helps protecting against multiple diseases.

Worth the Investment

Alkaline water along with being packed with antioxidants and being a portable water ionizer also detoxifies the body and reduces the excess acids present thereby creating a balanced body ecosystem. Therefore even though an alkaline water ionizer is expensive, it is a small price for a better and healthy life.
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Alkaline Water Ionizer - "basic" Water For A Better Life!

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This article was published on 2010/11/13