Adventure Awaits: Colorado White Water Rafting

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Colorado white water rafting offers the opportunity to explore the river and the scenic canyons in a way that no other adventure offers. The beauty of nature is amped up by adrenaline with levels of excitement for every thrill seeker.

Rafting is Not Just for the Extreme Sport Devotee
Many people hear the words "Colorado white water rafting" and assume that it is all bone jarring rapids and a trip only the most experienced would dare. However, white water rafting offers something for almost ever age and comfort level. Runs, or sections of rivers, are ranked in difficulty from class I- VI. Class I provides the river experience with little or to no waves and no obstacles that need to be maneuvered. It provides the opportunity to soak up the beauty of nature while rafting serenely through the terrain. Hesitant rafters and those who want an easy going experience are much more suitable with Classes I and II.

Conquer the River
For those who need and want a little more adventure, Colorado white water rafting can also feed the need for the extreme. Runs in classes IV and V offer narrow channels, obstacles and long exhilarating rapids that continue almost without interruption. Not for the faint of heart, the class V is the most difficult of river runs, with VI considered un-runable. White water rafting gives anyone the opportunity to experience all the forces of nature, from large rapids to the threat of being thrown overboard. There is nothing quite like it.

Colorado White Water Rafting Is a Social Experience
Rafting is not only an exciting adventure; it is also a social one. Rafters share in a unique experience that they will carry with them forever. The waiting between rapids can take some time, so take in all the beauty around you that nature has to offer. Finding a place to swim with family and friends is a good way to have fun. Many trips provide an option of camping, backpacking, or climbing in addition to the river run, providing further time to enjoy friends.

Fascinating History
Most rivers and surrounding areas are connected to very interesting history, and you do not need to look long or hard to find it. It is easy to imagine explorers or early Americans navigating the same waters. River guides are usually well versed in the historical aspects of the area and are happy to provide information on the region.

White water rafting trips are the perfect way to connect with friends, family, nature, and history.

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Adventure Awaits: Colorado White Water Rafting

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This article was published on 2010/11/22